How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity! Psalm 133:1 (NIV)


Through the Men's Ministry we focus on the needs of men in a culture that is confused about the role of men in society and the family. Our goal is to help one another through the Word of God, building relationships, faith, and maturity, which we have been called by the Holy Spirit, and to teach, encourage, and assist one another in a life of godliness and faithfulness to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ our perfect example. We promote unity, stability, and spiritual growth as we come together as men and putting our faith in action. Our duty is to draw men to Christ and convey stewardship/ownership, as well as, leadership in the Church, home, at work and in the community.

Come join our Men's Discussion Group the first Monday of each month:

7:00 PM at "Hoop Zone"
826 Rutland Dr.
Austin, Tx. 78758
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We talk about what men talk about and discuss life issues in a real and down to earth way with a biblical and spiritual perspective.

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